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Posted by: Maxim

Martial Arts

I just LUV our club... I hope that I'll improve my knowledge in Martial Arts so I'll be stronger (I'll beat up every person who sas or did something bad to me.) I'm relly appreciate to all of my teachers who teach me make me a better person.))) OK see ya..

Posted by: agata

lions team is the best i lost 100 pounds in 1 year and my bully cant hurt me but i can hurt him

Posted by: DAVIT


Posted by: DAVE


Posted by: davit

im very satisfied with the quality of the training of this place. Kickboxing helped me a lot in nmy life not only as self defence but in life in general

Posted by: Boris

I have been traning for 7 years and i have achived alot. I think every man should train becouse it is not only self-defanse but also self disaplan.

Posted by: Vahe

Great Classes!

It's not just great because of the people around you,
its great because i learn so much!

Posted by: Chris


I haven't been this healthy and fast in my life! Thanks
Lions Fight!

Posted by: Boris

Great gym

Very friendly gym with lot of help. Glad I can be part of this

Posted by: John

What can I say. Since joining this gym they accepted me
as a family. I have learned so much I'm the little time that I
have been here that it is amazing. No other gym has
treated me like this nor have I ever learned so much.

Posted by: darrin

Never underestimate a small gym!!

Posted by: Ralphie