Lions martial arts wants to thank all of our supporters. We
want to wish all of you Happy holidays. Next year we are
going to have a very busy schedule which we are already
preparing for. Major events that we are already preparing for
are the North American Championship in Virginia, Combat at
the Capitale show in Manhattan, Roc ring of combat in
Atlantic City, WKU world championship in England London, and
Steko Fight Night in Germany. Thank you for following our
events we appreciate all of your support.

On December 13 Lions Fighter Niko Greek Tsigaras and Lions
President and Head Coach were invited to one of the best
tournament in the world “Steko Fight Night”. After a very
intense fight, by judges’ decision Niko Greek Tsigaras won
the fight and took the title from the undisputed world
champion who never lost a fight in his career. That was the
greatest victory and now Lions Martial Arts holds the world
professional title.

November 23 first time in the history, Glory made good best
show at MSG (Madison Square Garden) in which two of our lions
fighters were invited to fight in. This was the best show in
the world. Niko Greek Tsigaras and Alexey Siberian Filakov
won their fights by knock out in the first round. They showed
extremely high skills of martial arts which we proudly
expected from our champions.

October 20-26 Lions Martial Arts represented the US team of
WCKO. We proudly preformed at the tournament and at the end we
brought back 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 2 bronze. It
was a great result after years hard work.

September lions fought in “Combat at the Capitale” show
taking place in Manhattan NY where Lions invited all of our
best fighters to compete in this tournament: Alexey Siberian
Filakov from Russia, Avetik Aetrosyan from Armenia, and Niko
Tsigaras from NY. They had a great fight where they all
became champions. The best fight out the evening was Niko

July 2013 We are preparing for a world championship which will
take place in Greece. Nine members of our team will travel to
Greece to
compete in the world WKU and WCKO championship.

On March 22, 2013 two of Lions members fought at the Capital in
Manhattan. The event was Lou Neglia's - Combat at the Capital
30. Niko Tsigaras won. Nazim Sadikov won with a score card
decision. L-1 boxing was a proud sponsor of the event.

On March 8-10, 2013 Lions team went to Virginia for WKA 13th
annual North America Championships. Seven of the fighters won
first place and two won second place. The winners of these
fights will go to WKA World Championships in October to Greece.

On March 6, 2013 WCKO held a seminar. Eleven members of the
Russian team came. Also 25 fighters from Lions participated in
this event. L-1 boxing was a proud sponsor.

On February forth to eleventh 2013 Lions team had examinations
for belts. It was successful. L-1 boxing was a proud sponsor.

On September 22 to 29 2012 Lions team went to Orlando Florida
for WKA World Championships. Niko Tsigaras and Vahe Sahakyan
won first place. Vahe became a third time world champion in
super heavy weight. Niko became a world champion in 145 minus.
Also 7 of Lions members won 2nd place.

On June 1st 2012 two of Lions members fought at the Capital
in the city of Manhattan. The event was Lou Neglia's - Combat
at the Capital 27.In Alex Melts fight his opponent Regman's
original scheduled opponent was pulled out last minute due to
injury. Alex Melt stepped up to challenge Regman in an
unofficial exhibition match. Niko Tsigaras won his match. L-1
boxing was a proud sponsor of the event.

On March 30, 2012 to April 1, 2012 Lions team went to Virginia
for WKA North America Combat Sports Championships. We came back
with many victories. We had 9 gold medals and 2 silver medals.
L-1 Boxing was a proud sponsor of the event.

February 24th, 2012

Lions Martial Arts’ next event was on February 24th
sanctioned by the WKA. The event is called Combat at the
Capitale 25; a Lou Neglia promotion. The venue was The
Capitale located on 130 Bowery St., NY, NY. This was a huge
event for Lions because some of the best amateur fighters
compete at a Lou Neglia event. We had two fighters on the
card. Alex Melts and Niko Tsigaras. Niko Tsigaras’ opponent
did not show up to the event and Niko’s hand was raised in
the ring because he was ready, willing, and able to fight
that night. His opponent was not. Next it was time for Alex
Melts to go to war. Alex Melts’ fight went 3 rounds and in
the end Alex Melts’s hand was raised in victory when he
defeated a product of TSMMA named Andre Clark. TSMMA is one
of the toughest, largest, and most well respected fighting
gyms in the business. The support for Alex’s opponent Andre
Clark that night was overwhelming. It seemed like the whole
building was filled with TSMMA fans, but Alex was able to
stay calm, while being aggressive and work his skill, and
technique in the ring. They fought to a split decision win in
favor of Alex Melts. Lions Martial Arts Competition team
fighters are still undefeated in 2012.

Jan 21st 2012

On Jan 21st 2012 Alex Melts and Nazim Sadykhov were scheduled
to fight at a Lions Roar Promotion sanctioned by the USMTA.
The event was called Muay Thai Challenge War 9. And what an
appropriate name for the event because both Nazim and Melts
went to war. Nazim showcased some of the best leg kicks that
night and fought in a war but dominated his opponent. His
opponent was a warrior. A man with less heart would not have
went all 3 rounds with Nazim. Up next was Alex Melts who
actually had to come up in weight to meet the United States
Muay Thai Association rules of having no more than 6lbs of
weight difference between two fighters. Alex Melts fights at
a 155lbs limit but because his opponent could not cut weight
Alex Melts agreed to move up and fight at 162lbs instead of
going home without fighting. (The confidence in training in
L1 Gear gave me the courage to go out and fight a bigger
opponent when by rules I did not have to) When Alex Melts
stepped in the ring he looked undersized standing next to his
opponent. Melts hurt his opponent in the 1st round and could
have finished the fight but he did not end the fight early.
He continued to practice his technique and went to work on
his opponent. He did not go for the KO, he stepped back, re-
grouped and continued to showcase his aggressive style of
fighting. The fight went all 3 rounds and Alex Melts won by a
Unanimous Decision. Lions Fight fighters started the 2012
year with an undefeated record.

Aug 25, 2011

At WKA 2011 World Championship which took place in Germany.Vahe
Sahakyan became K-1 and Full Contact World champion and Alex
Melts became a prize winner.

World Kickboxing Association Organized a World Championship in Germany, last week of August. There will be over 70 countries participating in this event. From Lions Vahe Sahakyan, Alex Melts, Niko Tsigaras and Christopher Sanchez will represent USA in different weight categorize.

On May 13, 2011 TAKE ON organized an event in Queens. From Lions Niko Tsigaras, Vahe Sahakayan, Alex Melts and Christopher Sanchez will participate in this event.

Niko Tsigaras, Vahe Sahakyan, Christofer Sanchez and Alexander Melts From Lions team will fight in Bronx NY on 3/26/11

Our fighters just came back from Virginia. Alex Melts won 2 fights both with a knockout and Niko Tsigaras also won 2 fights both with a knockout. You can view the fights in the video gallery.

Coach of lions Artyom Sahakyan recieved Coach of the year 2010 from PkF.

Professional Kickboxing Association organized a world kickboxing championship on November 21 in Brighton Beach Brooklyn NY.Six of our fighters are going to fight in that tournament and one of them will fight the Main Event of the evening.

Five fighters from Lions Martial Arts were elected to be on the National Team of USA for the World Kickboxing Championship which took place in Scotland.Unfortunately only three fighters could go. All three fighters won.

Lions Fight successfully won. Brought 3 new US champions and 2 new WKA Title Belts. Now Lions club is holding 4 belts.

Lions Fight is getting ready to fight in North American WKA championship in the state of Virginia. There will be 8 fighters from our club fighting in this tournament.

From June 18 to June 20 we have a spectacular fight in Virgina. we have the best four fighters fighting.

On Saturday Niko Tsigaras fought in Manhattan. His fight was the main event of the evening. Niko won with a big differentce.

Niko Tsigaras won the fight in Virginia. The fight was over in the first round with a TKO(technical knockout). After 3 knockdowns his opponent wasnt able to finish the fight. If you would like to see the fight please go to the video gallery in our website.

Niko Tsigaras is getting ready for a fight in Virginia. He will be fighting the main event of the evening and the fight will be a Title fight.

Lions Club will hold its annual examination on the last week of November, 2009. The attestations will consist of three parts: technical skills, physical fitness, and spars. All the students will be tested by Lions Club’s Black Belt committee, and also the exams will be videotaped and sent to according federation.

On November 13th, 2009

Vitali Matiev and Ishamel sanches from Lions Club participated in kick-boxing event organized by Kayo Promotions in Long Island, New York. Both, Vitali and Ishmael delivered clear victory. Lions Team congratulate both fighters.

On October 31st, 2009

Lions Club participated in event organized by Strike Zone in Millennium Theater in Brooklyn, NY. The event was consisted of, muay thai all American competition and show. The karate and self defense show was set and choreographed by Artyom Sahakyan, the founder and president of Lions Club. It was beautifully performed by Anthony Jgamadze, Giorgi Machabeli, and Vahe sahakyan from the club. Also Lions Club presented one amateur (Vitali Matiev) and one professional (Niko Tsigaras) fighters for the completion. Both fighters achived brilliant victory over their opponents. Vitali was able to dominate through all three rounds, and win unanimously. Niko, in his first professional fight was able to deliver excellent fight, knocking out his opponent in the third round, and creating excitement through the whole arena. Lions Team congratulates both fighters, and also thanks all the fans who showed important support.

On October 31st, 2009

Lions Martial arts club will participate in the event organized by Strike Zone. The club not only will bring its fighters to participate in the competition but also will set and stage karate and self defense show. The event will take place in Millennium Theater in Brooklyn New York. The competition itself will be open, and will host fighters from all over the world. From Lions Club will participate Vitaly Matiev, for whom it will be his first amateur fight, and Niko Tsigaras, who will face opponent in professional fight. Lions Team and all its friends wish good luck and clear victory for Niko and Vitali. In the karate and self defense show will participate Vahe Sahakyan, Anthony Jgamadze and Giorgi Machabeli

On June 20th, 2009

Niko Tsigaras and Israel Sanches of Lions Martial Arts Club had participated and won on kick boxing open tournament New York State.
Niko was able to brake his opponent at the very first round with a crushing left side kick. The opponent was knocked down and count was open. The fight was main event of the night, and Niko was able to deliver victory.

On July 25th,

Five students from Lions Martial Arts club will participate on New York open kick boxing tournament. The participants are Niko, Sahakyan brothers and Sanches brothers.

Examination results were announced on March 9th.

On March 9th Lions Team held the attestation for successful examination back in November 2008. All the participants of the exams received their belts.

Three of them passed for the degree of Black Belt. Those students were Ara Khachatryan, Niko Tsigaraas, and Ruben Hovhannesyan.

Due to his young age Ruben received conditional Black Belt. The conditions will be waved after Ruben will reach the age of 18.

Brooklyn's Inter-Club Competitions

On March 29th Lions Team had crashing victories in Brooklyn’s inter-club competitions.

The participants from Lions Team were Niko Tsigaras, Israel Sanchez, Christopher Sanchez, and Ishmael Sanchez.

All the members of the Lions Team were able to deliver crashing punches, thus securing their clear victories with knockdowns and knockouts.

USKBA Competition

On April 18th Lions Team will participate in kick-boxing competition in Patterson Recreation Center, promoted by USKBA. The venue is located on 65 Front Street , Patterson, NY 12563. For additional information contact (646)-285-3145.

December 18, 2008

On December 18 USKBA had held Boris Tallis cup in Oceana Arena in brooklyn, NY. Niko Tsigaras from Lion's Team had an honor to participate in competition as Main Event Fighter. Lion's Teeam is proud to announce that Niko won the Main Event, and brought the trophy to Lion's Club.

November 3, 2008

During the last two weeks of November 2008, Lions Club will hold its annual examination for martial arts proficiency. Students who will successfully pass the examination will be raised in their martial arts belt degree.
The exam will consist of three parts:
• Technique
• Sparing
• Physical

August 3rd, 2008

Lions Team proudly announces that one of its members Niko Tsigaris won gold medal in USKBA national open tournament. Now Niko is preparing for international championship. We all wish him good luck

July 23, 2008

Lions Club in Armenia organized interclub competitions. Some of our students won gold medals in various weight and age divisions. All the winners received monetary and other prizes. The event has been fully sponsored by Lions Center in New York.

March 17, 2008

Lions Center is proud to announce that the club branch has been founded in Yerevan, Armenia. Lions now go international. The chief trainer in Yerevan is Armen Saponjyan. Armen has been one of the best students of Artyom Sahakyan, the founder and master instructor of Lions Center in New York, NY. Mr. Sahakyan trained Armen for over ten years, and during that period Armen won numerous competitions.
We are sure that under Armen’s supervisions the club in Yerevan will give many champions.